Tips For SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is on high demand as almost every website wants to increase the traffic on their site.

I would be sharing very important tips on optimizing your search engine.
Tips and Guidance on Search Engine Optimization


1. Publish Outstanding Content
The content on your website is the most relevant part of your website. Without quality content, it is impossible to experience traffic on your site. Publish well-written articles that add value to your readers.

2. Do keyword research
Find out what people are searching for, and use it in your articles, also monitor the trend and know if the demand is reducing or increasing.

3. Write for your readers, not the Search
Think about your readers and their thoughts when writing your articles. Do not write only for the aim of getting high ranks, you might end up stuffing your content with keywords.

4. Publish Fresh Content Frequently
If you publish fresh articles often, google would give your website more authority and more chances of ranking for new keywords.

5. Make your Website User-Friendly
Your website has to be very easy to use. I am sure you do not want your users not knowing how to navigate your website. The better the website, the higher the traffic.


1. Never Use Outdated Techniques
SEO is a revolving process, search engines are being updated two to three times each year, therefore a technique that worked last year might not work this year.

2. Don’t Over Optimize
Over optimizing also known as keyword stuffing is a major mistake you must avoid. Your website needs to look natural.

3. Never Lose Focus
SEO is never done! Don’t lose Focus on optimizing, always try to make your website go higher in the SERP ranking.

4. Don’t Forget Meta Descriptions
Summarise your articles and use the keywords in it. A very unique and current meta description is important.

5. Avoid Using Flash
Flashy websites look nice and all but they are a big “NO” for SEO because it can not be understood by Google.