Search engine optimization Advice

Websites experience traffic by their users when data is either sent or received. The traffic has contributed to internet traffic. Website traffic is contributed by the number of pages of visitors and the pages they are visiting. Website traffic can be controlled by using search engine optimization which increases the quality and quantity of the traffic. This is achieved by increasing the website visibility to the users of the search engine. The main objective of the search engine improvement is to improve the organic results on the website and excluding the traffic together with the paid placement. The main target of the search engine optimization is the image search, academic research, and videography search. Optimization of websites includes editing the contents of the website, content adding, coding by increasing keywords and block barriers in the search engine, and HTML modification. It is also involved in site promotion which increases the number of backlinks.

Subsequently, search engine optimization can be used as an internet marketing strategy since it considers how the search engine works, the algorithms programmed in the computer, the most frequent search by people and the preferred search engine by their customers. Additionally, most websites want to be ranked the best in the search engine results page hence the search engine optimization is performed to receive more visitors. Wherever the website receives more visitors it will automatically increase the website rank. The visitors can be considered as customers. (

There is a difference between the local search engine and the search engine optimization. Search engine optimization’s main focus is business optimization in the online presence. This optimization ensures that the web pages are displayed through the search engine even when a user enters a local search. The search engine optimization is mainly focused on international searches rather than the local searches.

The first search engines were done through cataloging websites. Optimization of websites began in the 1990s. During this time the website masters submitted only the URL that is the page address where they sent spiders to crawl the web pages. It also extracted links of other pages from it and the information would be returned to be indexed. For this to be accomplished the search engine would download a page using the spider and store it in its server. After that, a program called indexer will extract the information on the page and it will be placed into a scheduler for crawling in the future. Every website owner craves for the high ranking of their website which created opportunities for white hat and black search engine optimization practitioners. (Rank No.1)

The search engine optimization cannot be appropriate for every website and marketing strategy on the internet. There is another internet marketing strategy that is effective that is an advertisement that is paying depending on the site operator goal. The paid advertisement is executed through the pay per click. The optimization of the search engine campaign advertisement, designing, and running is done through search engine marketing. This process is different from the search engine optimization since it depicts the difference between the paid and unpaid by prioritizing the ranking in the search result. (